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2004: The Year in Review

On the last day of this year, i thought it would be highly relevant to do my own 'Year In Review'. Below is the highlights of my year that I have taken from my own blog entries, with appropriate links.


- My First Ever Blog Entry: The first entry after setting up this blog.
- The site has landed: The launch of my site as, as well as the first comments on this blog!
- Breaking it down...: Reminiscing at it's best.
- Gallery finished: The launch of the gallery on this site.
- The perfect storm: Very scary storm.


- Happy Birthday To Me: A highlight for obvious reasons.
- My party: My 21st birthday party, along with a link to the photos of the event.
- THE Goal: An account of undoubtedly the finest futsal goal I have ever scored.
- Pineapple on Pizza: The first of my incoherent rants on things, this one on the crime of putting pineapple on pizza.
- Compulsory Unionism: After my first rant, this big one quickly followed it up. My views on the 'compulsory unionism' at university.


- Gysdintu: The Uni Monster: The release of the infamous Gysdintu on the web, also me starting uni again. Includes the Gysdintu mystery.
- New Computer: What could be more exciting for a geek like me?
- Buggery Busy: The account of me reading an original book printed in the early 1700s.
- And the award goes to...: The award of the winner who solved the Gysdintu mystery.
- The Gysdintu Cup take 2: The properly spelled Gysdintu Cup.


- Demonstration: The first COMP3803 demo.
- Christos Anesti!: Easter 2004. Christ has Risen!
- I dont Like Mondays .. (tell me why(?)!!): The worst Monday of the whole year.
- Sick & Arsenal win the league!: The Gunners win the Premier League!


- When 'football' isn't football.: One of my finest editorials/rants of the year. Describes the crime of calling football 'soccer'.
- My first internet order: My first shopping on the internet.
- Jerked around: Me really pissed off at COMP3804.


- The Drive-In: Going to the drive-in.
- Queen's Birthday and Poor England: England lose to France in Euro 2004, as well as the launch of my sister's business website hosted by me.
- COMP3804 Exam: The dreaded COMP3804 exam that would have repercussions for the whole year.
- Gysdintu Strikes Back!: New intro starring Gysdintu.
- Graduated from Jedi Academy: Finishing the game, as well as a history of the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight game series.


- COMP3804 exam grade: Again a result that would piss me off for the whole year.
- Is Collina Skeletor??!: The resemblance between the football referee and the evil super-villain is uncanny!
- Converted: Me being converted to use Firefox as my web-browser.
- Semester 1 Results & Greece Win Euro 2004: Two big events. Go you Greeks!
- Happy 1st Birthday LucasNet/!!: Yay!
- New Intro: The Death of the Floppy Disk: Die disk die!!
- 1000 hits: Site reaches 1000 hits.
- Uni Starts 🙁: The sad face says it all.
- SW Episode III title: The title of the upcoming Star Wars movie, coming in May next year!
- Got an iPod and COMP3804 grade capping change proposal: I gave into marketing.


- Lost in 2502: The woes of uni.
- Walkathon Weekend: The St. George Walkathon. Includes photos.
- XP Service Pack 2: In retrospect, for me the beginning of Windows instability.
- Thrashing the computer: That's what computers are for. SP2 problems beginning to surface.


- COMP3804 Stage 3 Demonstration: The next episode in the COMP3804 drama.
- The Great Plastic Bag Shortage of 2004: The supermarket I work at ran out of plastic bags.
- Stable SP2: After wrestling with the MS help guy, I finally got it working.
- COMP2502 mark, INFS3200 exam solutions, COMP3804 presentation: Lots of uni words in that title.
- Studying and the Internet: Good or Bad?: Another editorial/rant.
- Top of the Class!: I was very happy with that.
- All day in the Labs: 1st time for me since being at uni.


- Windows 3.1 & Summer is coming: This was gold.
- Marks party & Election: Mark's party including photos, and Johnny kicking Latham's behind.
- THE END OF COMP3804!! well... almost: This was a very interesting few days, to put it lightly.
- Photos of uni: Great photos of uni while the Jacarandas were blooming.
- Hot & The Divine Liturgy of St. James: Interesting Liturgy.
- 7 in a row: 7 blog entries in a row.
- The End of The Project: The end of COMP3804
- Rhys's Party: Including photos


- America decides....: US election.
- Gonna be sore tomorrow & SW Ep III Teaser Trailer: SW Teaser!!
- Firefox 1.0 Released: That and also the penisland site!
- Finished! Holidays, yay: No explanation necessary
- Routed: blogging from the lounge: Me installing the wireless router.
- Telstra Oz Idol porn stuffup: Man that was funny.
- Sem 2 2004 'Unoffcial' Results: My very good grades.


- Off to Melbourne: Me going to Melbourne
- COMP3804 Overall marks: My last complaint entry on COMP3804!
- The Logies: One big event.
- Shaving Every Day: Office work-experience and shaving.
- Christmas Eve & Xmas: Tis the season.
- Levels of Stress, Tsunamis, & Geography: Sad and happy.
- Credit & Homestar Stuff: Homestar!!

So that seems to be my year in blogs. For me, this has been a very challenging but also a very rewarding year, in which one of the most valuable things I have gained is the experience of it all.

For tonight: happy New Year everyone, may the New Year be a good and safe one for all of us.

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