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Semester 1 Results & Greece Win Euro 2004

I am absolutely shocked and stunned. This morning Greece won the Euro 2004 football tournament. Absolutely unbelievable. They beat the hosts Portugal 1-0 in the final. Greece was 150:1 to lift the trophy at the start of the tournament, it is absolutely phenomenal that they actually did it. I stayed at home and watched it with Will, while Dad and Stephania went to the Greek club. My sister won the raffle, the prize of which was a Brisbane Strikers jersey autographed by the whole team.(wow thats worth a lot!! lol yeah right...)

Stephania took the camera and took photos and lots of movies. You can see them in the Gallery (in the 'Misc' album). Might hurt your download quota though, but i've posted the size of each movie so you know how big they are.

I've also placed the photos and the movie of Will's surprise birthday party that Nick had for him on Saturday night. I missed the actual surprise, but still got in a few snapshots. They're in the Occasions album, and it's for people that have access to the username and password for the private albums.

I have changed the password for the user that is used to view the private albums in Occasions. People who know me and did not get the new password, email me for the new password so you can view these private albums.

Today my semester 1 results became official (i could view them from Saturday, but they did not become official till today). They are below:

HIST2100 (The Rise of Modern China): 6
HIST2702 (The City in History): 4
INFS3100 (Information Science): 6

You all know what I got for my COMP3804 exam. My grade for that course is at the end of the year. I am slightly dissapointed that i didn't get a 7 for INFS3100, because it was sort of gimme grades. I'll have to see how I did on the last assignment. If you had offered me all 4's in the middle of the semester i woud have taken it, so i'm quite pleased that i passed everything plus a bit more.

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