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Pineapple on Pizza

Tonight after seeing Stuck on You (which i thoroughly enjoyed, i love the Farrelly Brothers...) with Despina, we went and got a pizza: the usual half BBQ Meatlovers and half Super Supreme. After we started eating i quickly got into my usual ravings on the topic of pineapple on pizza.

I am staunch opposer to pineapple on pizza, and anyone who has eaten a pizza with me would have heard this argument at leat once. I mean, c'mon, what moron decided one day to put pineapple on a pizza?? A pizza is generally regarded as a savoury meal: its got the dough, a tomato based sauce, cheese, meat, capsicum etc... Why put pineapple (generally regarded as a sweetish fruit) on this sort of savoury dish. I equate this to putting chocolate or plums in a meatloaf: they just don't go!! One is a sweet fruit, the other a savoury meal!

Don't get me wrong, i've got nothing against pineapple, i eat the stuff by itself, on pavlovas, fruit salads etc... but the last thing i want to taste when i'm eating a good tasting pizza is the taste when you bite in a pineapple.

C'mon kids, leave the pineapple to pineapplely things such as pavlovas, fruit salads, etc and stop ruining perfectly good pizzas.

Note: Apologies if i have offended any pineapple-pizza lovers, but this is my view.

4 thoughts on “Pineapple on Pizza”

  1. On the topic of your pineapples on pizzas, you made the comment on equating the situation to putting plums in a meatloaf.... We ate meatloaf tonight, to which my mother puts pieces of apples in it to make it a bit sweeter - to which we all agreed tastes really nice. So there, there's nothing wrong with adding a fruit or something sweet to a savoury. Heck, they always add savoury to sweets dont they? Look at baklava - it can safely be classified as a Greek "sweet" and yet it has pastry in it (which is SAVOURY) and you've never complained about that! So quit knocking the pineapple on pizzas!! (it goes pretty well in kebabs too!)

  2. I would argue that the apples being in the meatloaf absorb the meatloaf taste, and no longer taste completely like real apples. Pineapple has a much stronger taste than apples, and on a pizza, still taste like a normal pineapple.
    BAKLAVA?? You call honey-soaked pastry savoury???? You're nuts. thats a sweet.

  3. pineapple in kebabs? are you nuts?

    we must have balance in all things. sweets on their own can only be eaten in small doses (zits); savouries on their own can only be eaten in small doses (lack of taste). we must make sure that we have the right balance of everything; hence, pineapple is fine.

    unless you don't like pineapple. which i don't. so perhaps i'll justify that one by force... : P


  4. just two comments.

    number A

    pineapple doesn't go on pizza, ever!!!

    munber B

    'Stuck on You' sucks copious ammounts of anus. (but thats just me)


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