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THE Goal

Last night i scored probably one of my best ever goals i've ever scored in futsal. We were playing Kafeneon (the fiery greeks) in what was agreed between the two teams to be a play-off for third place. After we had scored our first goal, they kicked off, and the ball came loose. I saw an opening and let rip from just after half-way. The ball curled out and up and ended up in the top right corner of the goal. I doubt i have scored any finer. We ended up losing the game after leading at half time (in my opinion because we didn't have any subs, and (at least i) was pretty screwed).

2 thoughts on “THE Goal”

  1. Ha ha You publically announced one of your best goals ever and yet no one has published a comment about it! I just wanted to point that out 😛

    And yes, I am aware by pointing this out does actually add a comment to this blog entry, thereby making what I just said not valid 😛

  2. of course, you didn't comment on the goal itself, just the lack of comments, so your point still holds.


    *continues public participation in the ignoring-finest-goal club*



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