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Routed: blogging from the lounge

I am typing this blog entry from in front of the tv in the living room, far far away from the closest cabled network port.

I got the router i ordered delivered just before I left for work last night, and after getting back from work I did the required reading needed for setting up the router.

Got up this morning and spent the last few hours setting up the router. It was a bit complicated because of the way we currently have our house wired up (everything changed dramatically after we did the renovations): the cable modem is all the way upstairs, but the centre of all the wires in the house is all the way downstairs in the garage. So i have the cable modem directly wired into the router using a line that goes all the way from upstairs to the garage when the router is.

For all those who don't know what a router is, it is like a hub (or 'switch') that is directly connected into the broadband (cable or adsl) modem and shares the internet connection between multiple computers without having to have a central computer that needs to be on for the internet to be shared. It also has a firewall which provides generally much better protection than a standard software firewall (although it is better to have both).

Anyway, how i am i typing this thing sitting on the lounge in front of the tv?? I purchased a router with wireless capability that has both wired ports but also a wireless antenna (it was only about $10 more expensive than a wired-only router). Because my laptop has a wireless antenna, i can carry it around most places in the house and still be connected to the home network and also the internet.

I still will be using the cables when i am at my desk because if they are there i might as well use them.

From my research, some people on bigpond cable have had a few problems with this router, so we will see over the next few weeks if this remains stable.

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