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Finished! Holidays, yay

Just got home after completing my last exam for the year. This morning was the COMP2502 (Algorithms and Data Structures) exam which I have been (not so silently) dreading over the past month or two.

It was a bit easier than i had expected. Out of the 32 multi-choice questions I was mostly positive that i answered at least 18 correctly, and the rest i made an educated stab at.

Here's my calculations for what i think my result for exam is, assuming that i was 80% correct with the ones that i'm pretty sure i got right, and say 25% correct with the ones i mostly guessed. (there were 5 possible solutions, but for most of them i was able to eliminate at least one).

80% x 18 = 14 (rounded)
25% x 14 = 4 (rounded)
Total: 18/32 (~56%)

Gee, that's pretty close to a fail. Hopefully i pulled through, I guess we will see in a few weeks.

Now that i'm holidays, i've got a fair bit planned to do. Now i've got no excuses to stop me from touching up my resume and applying for some work experience. Probably try to squeeze in a site update as well...

7 thoughts on “Finished! Holidays, yay”

  1. Con - ummmm, because that is my name? Why 'Lon'?

    Andrew - i'm a bit scared because we have to pass the exam to pass the course. Assuming i do pass the exam i get at least a 5 because i already have around 37 out of the remainding 40% from assignments etc

  2. ooh. that's gotta hurt.
    griffith is so much kinder (as in 'kind-er', not as in '-garden'). hence why i was not stressing about my exam last week. _at all_.


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