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Rhys’s Party

Yesterday I worked from 10-3, and after that came home did some stuff and then got ready and went to Church. As soon as the service finished, we ran out of there to go to Rhys's 21st Birthday. Before we went there we picked up Wil from his place, got a quick bite from maccas (ironic because he is quitting his job at maccas. Congrats to him!), and then got to the party at around 8:30ish.

The party was good, it was great to see some guys from school that I haven't really seen since school finished. Photos are in the Gallery. I wasn't really that prolific in taking photos at this party, but still got some good snaps. As usual, username and password are required to view that album. Email me on if you've forgotten/lost/misplaced/didn't get the login details.

I have to start planning for my exams now. 🙁

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