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When ‘football’ isn’t football.

Here's my first controversial 'essay' that i promised earlier.

I'm sure many people who know me have heard this all before, but now i get the opportunity to publish it to the world!!

The topic: How calling calling Rugby League, Rugby Union, Australian Rules, 'football' is totally illogical (or insane, stupid, dumb, etc), while calling the true football 'soccer'.

How did they come to be called football in the first place, when it is obvious that in all the above games, the ball is primarily manipulated with the hands?? I call everyone to stop the insanity of calling these (in my opinion absurd) sports by a name the is only really fitting of one sport (the REAL football).

Let me present my argument.

Hmmm lets see primary use of ball with rugby league is the hands...

In Rugby union the primary use of the ball is also with the hands...

Same with Aussie Rules, again primarily with the hands...

as well as American 'football'.

And people who call all of the above 'football', insist on calling:

this, and ...

this 'SOCCER'???

Perhaps these people are confused about what is really a foot, and should start again at 'heads, shoulders, knees, and toes..'.

But let me remind everyone that the vast majority of the world (probably by at least a few billion) do call football football. It is only those who live in America, Australia, New Zealand, and possibly Canada, that call football 'soccer'.

I suggest that people who like calling football 'soccer' should revisit their primary school and learn what is really a foot and a ball, and start calling a sport that the primary purpose of moving the ball with the foot by the logical name of 'football'.

3 thoughts on “When ‘football’ isn’t football.”

  1. As a side comment, the morons that invented the scrum and the lineout i think are very suspicious at wanting 10+ grown men to all huddle together in the same place and respectively almost shove their heads near to others rear ends, or to lift other men up by their rear ends.

    Sounds a bit queer to me.....

  2. Yeah ig et your point. But in all fairness to Australians, we got Rugby over here before we got soccer. And you will find that most people who are supporters of Rugby Union actually call the game 'Rugby', not football.

    And although a staunch Football (i.e. Soccer) fan, i did get into the rugby in the latest wolrld cup.


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