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The perfect storm

Well this afternoon was probably the worst storm i've seen. I was home by myself and it was absolutely vicious: it stated around 4:40 and was over before 5. Our outdoor timber blinds were completely ripped out, and little pieces of them went everywhere, two 1 meter high pots with soil and a tree in them were toplled over, and lightning struck probably less than 100m away (really loud!!!), and seems to have knocked out our phone, which is not working, our half-full (or half-empty?) garbage bin was relocated almost 5 metres, and we seem to have collected in our yard parts of next-door's guttering. We haven't lost power (or the cable (obviously)), so thats a plus.

I had work basically straight after the storm finished, and arrived to find the whole neighbourbood blacked out. Work has generators, so it didn't stop us from working. Driving to work i saw the damage that the storm had caused. Trees totally uprooted, shop awnings totally destroyed, and so on. People i served at work all had their own tale about the storm, and the hottest items selling was, of course, candles, batteries, torches, and matches. No surprise there in a blacked-out neighbourhood.

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