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Photos of uni

Today I actually remembered to bring the camera to uni. I thought that by today all the jacarandas would have already lost all their flowers, but upon arriving into uni i was pleasantly surprised that most still had them. Got some great photos of the jacarandas. Also took a tourists tour of the uni and took a lot of other photos too. I figured once I graduate i will probably miss the place. All the photos are in the Gallery.

As usual, went into uni twice today: once for my 10-12 INFS3200 lecture, and again at 4 for my COMP3804 group meeting. Although today i went in early at 3 to take the photos.

Took the weekend off from uni work, and enjoyed the time, although it did go really fast and i did have to wash both cars on Saturday and Work Sunday night.

Can't be bothered typing much else tonight.

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