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New Computer

Well, the new computer finally arrived yesterday (i think thats only a month and half late, see the blog entries around the start of Feb)

I'll going to be spending the next day or two setting it up, which might take a bit of time that would have been spent doing uni stuff. ah well

The screen has got a native resolution of 1680x1050, which is huge to say the least. Everything now is really small compared to the 1024x768 that i'm used to. Its also highlighted some crapness about my website. Although the tables still come out well, the fonts etc are just way too small, especially on this blog. If i have some time i'll see if i can change them so that it shows up at a relatively readable size on larger resolutions.

Last night i played first game of futsal of fustal in a while (3 weeks i think), against pretty good opposition. We're now wearing black jerseys, which of course gets hotter easier than our old green and white. Add in a reasonably hot night last night, and i was literally wringing the sweat out of my clothes.

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  1. Mines a compaq laptop that you can just get straight off the hp website ( You'll probably wanna go to a place (like harvey norman) nad actually check things out before you buy something you really haven't seen before.


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