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COMP3804 exam grade

I went in to uni this morning to receive my COMP3804 exam mark. An empty email box over the past week meant that i did not fail the exam which is a plus. No re-enrolling for me.

I got 68.5% for the exam. I'm satisfied with that but also slightly dissapointed. This means that my grade for the whole year-long course is now capped at a 5. Only 1.5% more and it would have been a 6. I hate being that close. I would rather it had been 65 or 63 to have my grade capped at a 5 instead of being 1.5% away from a 6.

I entertained the idea with Ken that if they had to have grade capping (this is the first year they're doing it), make it a little more flexible by having the grade capped at the exam grade level + 1. In my case since i got a grade of 5 in the exam, my course grade would be capped at a 6. He seemed to really like the idea, but said it was probably a little too late to include it in this years course.

I said at the start i would be satisfied with a pass, but thats kinda changed now that my group has done really well in Stage 2. Grade capping sux. On the other hand, this might also take a bit of pressure off me for next semester.

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