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Credit & Homestar Stuff

I was asked to stay back at work (supermarket) last night, so I did, working from 3-10pm. Washed both cars today.

After I got back from Melbourne earlier this month I applied for a credit card. Although I have to apparent need for a credit card right now, I have been advised that it would be beneficial to get one in order to gain a good credit rating. I tried to get a phone from Optus on a cheap contract ($30/month) 2 years ago and was rejected because apparently I didn't have a good rating. That wasn't to say I had a bad rating, I just didn't have a good one. I was basically told to get a credit card in order to get a good rating (that is assuming I pay it off properly).

So after two years, I applied for one. It was eventually approved with a relatively small credit limit, and I got my card on Christmas eve, highly ironic considering the stage of the spending season.

Now that i can buy stuff from the net myself, I couldn't help myself from ordering some stuff from the Homestar Runner website. I went a bit nuts, ordering the Strong Bad Email DVDs, Trogdor polo-shirt (yay!), a The Cheat T-Shirt, and a Cheat Commandos T-Shirt among others. The stuff should be arriving in "3-4 weeks".

Earlier this week I saw Team America: World Police with Rolando. Very stupid and very funny. Highlights include the puppet sex scene and the infamous vomit scene.

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  1. you see, in my original post, it had "a [i]bit[/i] nuts?" (ie with html-italics around 'bit'. and yes, with greater than > signs and less than < signs). so perhaps the better way to post would be "a _bit_ nuts?". but hey, if you don't want html in your comments section, that's your business. a/s


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