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The Logies

What follows is my understanding of the Greek concept of logo, and it's pertinent relevance (not 'logo' as is in a graphic, but logo pronounced with a guttural 'g').

There is a Greek tradition for couples, of each person and also their families of 'giving' logo. I'm pretty sure this literally means giving their 'word' to the other person and family of their commitment and intentions for getting married. I think it is best described as the Greek thing of being engaged-to-be-engaged.

Me and Despina had our logo celebration-thing on Saturday night, and i'm delighted at having taken the first step to getting married.

I'm not sure what is the official name of the status of people after having given logo though.

Anywho, since then everybody has since been congratulating us on this occasion.

On Friday I also got the extended version of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. I wasn't as impressed with this extended edition as I was with the preceding two movies' extended editions, but it was still good.

I'm staying up late tonight to tape one English Premier League match, and also to watch another: the big Arsenal vs. Chelsea match.

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