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Happy 1st Birthday LucasNet/!!

One year ago to this day, this site in all its crappy glory, was unleashed onto the internet.

'How did i remember?', i hear you ask? When i made the latest site updates i noticed on the News History page that the first date corresponding to the site launch was the 13/7/2003. One year later here we are.

I'd like to think that this site has come a long way since its humble and pov beginnings one year ago, especially since the migration over to 'proper' hosting in January of this year (screw the free Telstra webspaces!!!). Although i hardly get any hits, and the time and effort i put into this site is mostly wasted, i'd like (emphasis on like) to think that the people that do visit this site find it, in some way, interesting (even if it is only me that is visiting it).

From to, one year later it's still going. (Which to be honest even surprises me!)

I've also updated the code for this blog but it should function the same as before. If there is anything screwy, please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Happy 1st Birthday LucasNet/!!”

  1. It looks like someone had a lot of fun with their refresh button! I don't think that this entry has had 97 (at the time or this comment) views in just one day...


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