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Lost in 2502

This morning was the COMP3804 client interview. We basically had to give in a list of questions we have about the program we are implementing at least 3 days before, and the client answers them for us. I seem to have made correct assumptions for the DB side of things, so not much needs to be changed for that.

In one of my other IT subjects, COMP2502 (algorithms and data structures), I am completely lost. I hardly seem to be understanding anything from this course. So far it is mostly complicated mathematics that i am not following at all. tutorials so far have been useless, but aparently they are being changed as of next week so they are at least in some way helpful to students. Personally, i really do not see the relevance of this course in a present-day IT degree. The first assignment just got released for students yesterday, and i'm not quite sure how i'm going to get it done.

Today i also went to the library and got some books for my HIST2606 essay. Almost broke both my arms carting them around uni (i know i'm being a bit melodramatic but they were really heavy to carry around all of uni). I'll have to start reading and researching for the essay this weekend, after I make the latest updates to the COMP3804 DB scripts.

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  1. comp2502 - i hope that they're trying to achieve a thought pattern - an analytical frame of mind will be able to solve i.t. problems better than, say, my mind.
    hist2606 - you don't like journals? or doesn't the lecturer? i love journals. they make up almost all of the references that i actually use (compared to the ones that, like, fill space).


  2. I don't mind journals: Just as long as they are available electronically. So far searches for something specific on this topic in the journal databases (such as Infotrac) has come up empty. Most lecturers like students to have at least 5 real books (ie substantial works on the loose topic, in this case WWII) referenced in essays.


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