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COMP3804 Overall marks

I promise that this will be my last entry on COMP3804! lol

We got our overall marks for the project, and well... i dunno if they are good or bad. We aced the product development section (i.e. the development and the presentation of the product): we got 21/21 marks, and did really well in the other sections.

For the whole course overall i got 90.66/100%.

this ticks me off a bit, as most of you will recall, i only got a 6 for this course because of the piece of crap grade capping based on the exam result. If I only got 1.5% more on the exam I would be sitting on a 7. Ah well, I am really satisfied with the result anyway.

I'm almost finished my résumé, I plan to send off applications for work experience by this Friday. The thing is, is that i'm not sure where to apply. I might have to do a bit more research on that one.

It's times like this that I wish that UQ could be a bit more active in finding their current students relevant work experience outside of uni semesters, and also finding jobs for graduates. I don't know if i'm asking for too much, but it would be very useful to put it lightly.

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  1. Timetable? Every year I make a conscious effort not to enrol until late January!

    (Plus I don't think that they have released timetable information for Sem 1 yet...)

  2. btw, i figured out accents on my blog:
    & (vowel) grave; - produces a downward-accent
    & (vowel) acute; - produces an upward-accent.
    eg: &eac ute; (no space) would produce the accent you're looking for in resume. or (hope this works) resumé.


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