Here's some miscellaneous synonyms of miscellaneous: assorted, different, disordered, indiscriminate, jumbled, mingled, mixed, multifarious, odd, scattered, scrambled, sundry, unmatched, unsorted.

  • Mobile Phone History

    A history of all the mobile phones that I have owned.

  • PC Build History

    A  history of the computers that I have built over the years.

  • Old Site Content

    For posterity, I have preserved some of the pages from the old site design:

    • Gallery
      Now not functioning since a PHP upgrade :(.
      The old site gallery. A necessity in the days before Flikr and Facebook, it contains photos, videos, and documents hosted on this site.
    • Intros
      The old flash intros that I used to develop back in the day. See the South Park version of me when I used to have hair :P!
    • Games
      A collection of fun flash games. Includes ports of Pacman, Tetris, Space Invaders among others. Not recommended for problem procrastinators.
    • Other
      Includes the previous-previous site design and content, as well as an explanation of the logo I used to use on this site.