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Gysdintu Strikes Back!

I have completed a round of site updates. Of course the biggest thing is the new intro. Post comments about it here if you want.

Typing this out now i think i may have done this intro a bit prematurely, as i'm not sure whether i have passed the exam for COMP3804 yet, and may yet have to drop out of the course and re-enrol in it all over again. I hope not. We can find out our exam marks this coming Thursday, we actually have to go into uni and see them to get our marks(why???). They said they will contact those students who failed the exam by email before then. Heres hoping i don't get an email in the next four or so days. My group got our marks back for the last stage, and we went really really well (90+%)! I'll be really cut, if after having done all that work, that i'll have to do it again if i failed the exam.

Now that i've got some time, i will be backing up everything on my computer in anticipation of attempting to install Red Hat on it in the next few days. I'm hoping it'll all go smoothly, but far from expecting it to.

This morning France was defeated by Greece in the quarter-finals of Euro 2004. Sad to see them go, but if anyone was to kick them out of the tournament, i'm glad it was the Greeks! Now i'm pegging for a Greece v. Sweden final, with Sweden to win in extra time.

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