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Sick & Arsenal win the league!

Well it seems that i am sick again. I won't go into the details, but i won't be going to uni for my normal lectures and tutes today, but i will have to go in later today for a group meeting.

I had a pretty good weekend. Other than writing most of my tutorial essay on Chiang Kai-shek, i did some COMP3804 work. I watched a few movies. I saw The Last Emperor, which was a fantatic movie. It totally deserved the best picture oscar that it got. The other one was Kill Bill vol.1, which i found ... interesting.

On Sunday night, Arsenal (the football club i follow) won the English Premier League. What made it even more of an event, is that they won the championship without losing one game (thats 34 games without losing). GO YOU GUNNERS!!! Hopefully they'll be able to play the last 4 games without losing and go the whole season unbeaten.

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