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Breaking it down…

The other day Rhys reminded me, in a bout of reminiscing, of a certain part of my history, that of 'breaking it down'. I know that to most people this blog entry will be greeted by a collective 'what the...?', but those who were with me at school will remember and understand this topic quite well.

Anywho, Breaking It Down: This was a short little celebration performed by me usually following a skillful or significant event during a game of handball (or wallball). After the event i would proceed to celebrate my doing this dance, usually accompanied by a vocalised sample of MC Hammer's can't touch this (the part after he goes 'Break it down'). To most people that were regulars at our games, i have found that this is fondly remembered, and worthy of a blog entry.

Ah memories...

On a more recent note, tonight i played my first game of futsal in a while (because they had to re-surface the court over the past month). We won the game 6-5, after being up 4-0 at half time. It struck me how much of a better game futsal is than indoor soccer (cheaper too). And to all those indoor soccer fanatics: (although i do play both codes) don't forget that futsal is the only FIFA approved form of indoor soccer, (plus it is better)

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