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Marks party & Election

Last night was Mark's 21st party. I had a great time, it's always good to catch up with the guys from school, it's really been a while since i've seen most of them. Photos are in the gallery (password required for these as usual). I've also uploaded some more of my assignments from this year if anyone is interested.

Yesterday was also the Federal election. Went and voted at around 10am. The Coalition was returned as Government, surprisingly increasing their majority as well. Early indications are that they might even control the Senate, which is pretty exceptional, as it's been a while since a Government has also had a majority in the Senate.

Went to work tonight. It was a horrible shift. It was pretty busy, and the registers were screwing up big time. Every 5 or so customers they would just freeze for no apparent reason, and with a line of customers that is irritating to put it lightly.

8 thoughts on “Marks party & Election”

  1. Andrew: I didn't know the Family First Party was aligned with the Coalition.

    Con,whoops, i mean Lon:
    It's a two party system, you have to have to vote for one of us!
    Man: Well, I believe I'll vote for a third-party candidate.
    Go ahead, throw your vote away. Bwahahahaha!!!

  2. ff aren't aligned with the coalition. but they may as well be - they're the far-right, coalition are the right.
    and dude, 3rd party candidate = throwing vote away is garbage. that's what preferential voting is for.

  3. hey hey don't take it seriously, I was just poking fun with with the quote off the Simpsons (you know the one where the aliens take the bodies of Clinton and Bob Dole in the Election?).

  4. uh...oops. no, i didn't know the quote. i've watched, like, two episodes of the simpsons...and don't ask me which ones, either. simpsons = silly. *ducks* *runs*. a/s


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