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New Intro: The Death of the Floppy Disk

Well, i've just uploaded my new intro. I wanted to do something different for it, mainly not having anything related to either myself or the site. Trying to think of what to do, i settled on the extinction of the floppy disk with the advent of the USB drive. (I drew the USB dude myself)

Dell and other computer manufacturers aren't including floppy drives by default in their computers any more, so I thought it was a relevant topic for a computer geek like me. Other possibilities were a soap opera parody among others.

I'm sure we have our own frustrating stories on using the 3.5 inch floppies (post them here if you want), and maybe even the old 5.25 inch ones of you remember them (it's the presecessor in the intro). I decided at the end to include probably the most common error message: the 'disk is not formatted' one, which was the nightmare for all students if they had a vital assignment on the disk. Funnily, the first disk i picked up looking for the message threw that error message!

Still no COMP3804 meeting yet. Good news is that all my group members passed the exam, so we won't be losing anyone from our group.

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