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Top of the Class!

I can't really believe it. The INFS3200 (Advanced Info. Systems) mid-semester exam results were just published, and i scored the best in the class. I scored the highest out of the class of over 100 people with 74/80 (the exam was worth 40% of the course). The next highest people were on 65.5 and the average being 45.69. I don't really know why the average was that low...

Today i was woken up by a call for me to come into work. Not a very nice way to wake up, but i went and worked anyway from 8:30 to 1.

After that, i have now finished a complete draft of my HIST2606 essay. Just a quick proofread and revision and that should be done.

Also watched Return of the Jedi on DVD with despina. Love that movie. They have added a few new things for this DVD since the Special Edition in 1997: at the end when Luke is looking at the ghost-thingies of the dead Jedi (Anakin, Yoda, and Obi-Wan), they replaced the old Anakin dude with Hayden Christensen (the guy that plays him in Episodes II and III). The also threw in a Naboo celebration scene at the end.

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