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Thrashing the computer

I've put the HIST2606 essay on the backburner for a bit, because my first COMP2502 assignment is due next Monday, while the essay is due in October. For this assignment, it is all about measuring the time of 3 different sorting algorithms and doing an analysis. These algorthims sort numbers, and we have to feed all three algorithms 3 different sets: one of random numbers, one of an already ordered list, and one of a reversed ordered list. I chose my test cases from lists ranging of 5000 all the up to a million.

I think i almost burnt my computer out in the process. The most inefficent of the algorithms took 6493902ms to sort the reverse-ordered list of a million. That is roughly 109 minutes of the computer running with the CPU maxed out at 100% usage. Of course I didn't just sit at my computer waiting it to spit out the result: I wrote a script and ran it while we went to my little cousins birthday party. I was half afraid of the processor fan failing and the computer catching on fire, but it all went ok.

I've also been noticing some pretty strange behaviour of Windows after installing SP2. The most annoying is in Windows Explorer, when i want to see a folder's properties (either through right-clicking on a folder and selecting 'Properties', or File >> Properties), nothing happens! On a single file (not a folder), the properties window comes up as normal. Is anyone else having this problem after installing SP2?? However, The other computer is fine.

Another thing that seems to have stuffed up as well, this time in Internet Explorer, when i go to view the source of a page (either through right clicking, or View >> source) nothing happens!

Happy Birthday to my sister who turned 19 on the 23rd.

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