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Gonna be sore tomorrow & SW Ep III Teaser Trailer

Today in my plan was to be a whole day studying for my HIST2606 exam before i had to go to work at 5. After i woke up, had some breakfast and did some stuff, i got a message from Nick asking if I wanted to play Indoor Soccer for their team on a permanent basis starting from today. To be honest I'm not the biggest fan of indoor soccer (compared to futsal (another type of 'indoor' soccer)), but since i've stopped playing futsal (story as to why not included) i've really missed playing at least form of football (i.e. soccer), not to mention my expanding waistline. So of course the answer was 'yes'.

Played the game today, at which i realised that it was the first exercise in any form (other than walking around uni) that I had done since about July this year.

We had no subs, so of course I was screwed by the end of the game. I did slightly injure myself my rolling over on my ankle really badly in the second half. Boy is that, and probably the majority of my body, going to be sore tomorrow. I even scored a goal on debut. We ended up winning the game 7-5 (i think...), but that was mostly thanks to a talented ringer that we had to recruit to make up numbers for our team.

After the game had something quick to eat, went home and quickly had a shower and went to work. Work wasn't to bad, actually half enjoyable.

I've really got to start doing some hardcore study for my exams that are coming up on Friday, Saturday, and Monday.

A few days ago the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith teaser was released, and all i can say is: drooool. I can't wait!!

you can view/download the trailer using this link.
(To download it: Right click on the above link, and 'Save target as...'(IE) or 'Save link as..." (Firefox))

I'm not sure how long the long that link is going to be active (i'm expecting LucasFilm and Fox will be clamping down on unauthorised sties mirroring the large version of the teaser trailer pretty soon)

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