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The End of The Project

Yes, today was the last day of the project. Today was the post-implementation review, which was pretty much as the name describes it. So the year-long course is over, and I must now say at the end that it was a valuable experience. In the end, it was quite sad and a bit weird that i will not be seeing my group on a regular basis, i've felt that especially over the second semester we have really built up a team and worked really well together.

So here is my quick review of the course:

The first semester was definitely the worst part of the course. All the lectures and forming groups and especially the exam was terrible. The exam, although not bad in itself, is definitely the worst part of the course because of the grade-capping. Right now i would be looking at getting a 7 or very close to it, but because of the capping i'll be lucky if I get a six, but most likely a 5.

The first semester was mostly teaching us about project management, forming us into groups, and was the main part of doing our documentation for the project.

The second semester was much more enjoyable and probably more stressful too. Hardly having any contact with the lecturers (other than a few meetings etc) we were mainly free to develop our application. Although there was other documentation stuff due, the focus was on the program itself.

Although this year-long project was a vastly valuable and sometimes enjoyable experience, the amount of effort we all put into this course was really nowhere near worth the amount of credit the course is assigned, especially after having your grade capped half-way though the process.

I must thank my group for all our combined effort over the whole year. I have no doubt that the having such a good group made the whole experience bearable and sometimes enjoyable, rather than it being a completely torturous experience. Thanks to everyone in our group: Clare, Morgan, Richard, Quik, Winston, and Ross.

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