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Got an iPod and COMP3804 grade capping change proposal

This morning was the first day of COMP3804, and it was revealed the planned changes to grade-capping scheme, if all students agree to it. The new plan is as follows: students that didn't get a 7 can improve their capped grade by 1 grade by: doing really well in the overall mark by achieving that level of grade + 5%. For example, because my grade is capped at a 5 because of my exam mark, i can achieve a maximum of a 6 by getting 80% (the 75% cut-off + 5%) or higher on the overall grade AND not get any really bad comments from my other group members on intra-group reports etc. It has to be apporved by students before it can be implemented. There were no objections for the internal students, so we'll have to wait till they hear from the industry ones.

I got a new iPod today. I finally gave into temptation and ordered one. I was planning on buying it from a store earlier this week, but they jerked me around and were quite rude and ended up stores in Brisbane won't be getting the new ones till earlier next week. I went around them and ordered mine direct from Apple on Wednesday. I was expecting it early next week, but it came this morning. Talk about quick!

When i was researching prices I found out that all tertiary (ie University, TAFE, etc.) students and teachers get 10% off all Apple products (including iPods) if they buy it from Apple or an authorised education reseller. So i got the 20GB iPod for $448.80 and also the wired remote for $67.10 (RRP being ~$499 and $75 repectively).

I'll be busy over the next few days digitising (is that even a word??) my music collection.

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