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Levels of Stress, Tsunamis, & Geography

I did my first shift at the supermarket today and I came to the surprising realisation that I am actually considerably more stressed working at the supermarket than working at the office.

Today's shift had the usual angry/dissatisfied/annoyed/impatient/anything-else-you-want customers, plus two packet breakages, one involving glass. During all this I though how much less stressful it is working at the office. Before today I would have expected the opposite. I would probably put it down to the more relaxed (if you can put it that way) atmosphere of the office, compared to the highly charged, high-conflict atmosphere of the supermarket

Working again at the supermarket tomorrow.

Everyone is probably aware of tsunami disaster that has occurred in in SE-Asia. My prayers go out to the affected people.

This event couldn't help but remind me of year 11 and 12 Geography when we were learning the tectonic plate stuff and how undersea earthquakes trigger tsunamis. I have fond memories of the excursion we took to Stradboke Island to study wave patterns etc. I couldn't help but pull out the photos that I still have of the geography excursions, and have a look over them. It's a pity I was too concentrated on taking mostly pictures relevant to the assignments and reports we had to do rather than the people. I'm sure Danny and Rhys remember the excursions and the mischief we all got up to.

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