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Firefox 1.0 Released

Today the Mozilla Firefox web browser moved out of beta (pre-release) versions into a fully fledged publicly released version 1.0. It'll be a while before all the extensions and themes for the browser catch up with the 1.0 release, but i still highly reccommend people to use Firefox as their browser. There are many reasons to switch over, most of which i have mentioned in a previous blog entry. Try it out (it's only a small download) if you like it, use it, if not stay with Internet Explorer. Go here to download it.

Get Firefox!
Get Firefox!

The past few days have been interesting. I have not done as much exam study as I was hoping to get done, but still happy with what i did get done. I also got my COMP2502 assignment2 result, which was a very pleasing 96.54/100.

Last night went to Church for the latest monthly talk, but because of the adverse weather, Fr. Dimitri called Fr. Romanos and told him not to make the trip up from the Gold Coast, and instead he gave a short talk on the Lord's Prayer, basically breaking it down and explaining the meanings and various translation thingies etc. Afterwards we stood outside Church for a while talking before my sore legs couldn't take any more and i suggested we go for coffee where we could talk and be sitting down in a more comfortable position.

So we went to the Coffee Club and talked for a while there over coffee.

In one of the forums i read, i stumbled on the most peculiar link to a website:

Go to it, i guarantee that you will enjoy it. lol!!

4 thoughts on “Firefox 1.0 Released”

  1. remembering that you brought this up last night, i looked at it and thought 'uh, Lucas?! ...wait. maybe it has something to do with William penn, founder of pennsylvania...'

  2. Do you mean plugins or extensions?
    Most Plugins (such as Flash, Shockwave, quicktime, realplayer etc) should be compatable.

    Extensions and themes (such as those at should be updated by thier authors over the next few weeks).

    However, Most of my extensions, with the exception of TextZoom, are already compatable with Firefox 1.0. If you want you can go to the support forums for more information.

  3. extensions. my bad.
    and i'll wait the couple of weeks. i'm planning to fix up my computers small ailments (ie burn the stuff i need/want, wipe the rest and start over) as my new year project anyway.


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