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COMP3804 Exam

Yesterday we had the all important COMP3804 exam. The entertainment just keeps on coming with this course.
(All prepare for another bitch and moan about COMP3804!!).

Firstly, the exam was due to start at 2:30pm. They finally let us into the exam room at 2:50 for us to start the exam just after 3. Thats over half an hour (and a quarter of the exam) late.

And they are lecturing us about time management?? I felt sorry for the poor students that might have had another exam barely 20mins after they stepped out of this one.

Secondly, which doubly pissed off all the students, we were told by the course coordinator in the last lecture that we would have a blank sheet of paper that we could write on during perusal. At the start of the exam, we were told that there was to be no writing at all during the perusal period. After being reminded of his earlier promise from a student, he just shrugged it off, saying that there could be no writing in perusal.

It might actually be funny if i weren't actually taking this course.

On the actual exam i was still pissed off. There were questions that we have never seen before in our lives, and fair few quaestions that had a large degree of vagueness. Other than that, i think i did ok. Nowhere near a 7 or probably even a 6 (i guess there goes my hopes of getting a good mark for this yearlong course... stupid grade capping), but i think i at least passed.

Hopefully everyone did really bad so they would have to push up our grades or at least remove the grade capping clause for determining our final grade at the end of the year.

Tonight i've got my HIST2100 (history of modern China) exam.

3 thoughts on “COMP3804 Exam”

  1. "It might actually be funny if i weren't actually taking this course."

    Even more so If you already have. he he! I know exactly what you mean, I memorised quite a lot of that stupid text book and didn't use any of it in the exam.

  2. hehe i'm sure you having a great time watching our misery! 🙂
    However I still take comfort knowing that my situation still isn't as bad as yours last year!


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