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The Drive-In

Last night Despina and I went to the drive-in! If you aren't aware, the only drive-in in all of south-east Queensland is the one at Yatala (half way down to the Gold Coast). WE drove down there last night, and after having dinner at the McDonald's at the 'Service Centre' at Yatala (The really huge BP), we went to the drive-in to see a double screening of The Day After Tomorrow (which should be Monday. lol I'm so lame) and Stuck On You. The movies for the both of us were $11 all up because we used a voucher from the Entertainment Book (i think its normally $11 per person). Darn cheap anyway (at least compared to normal Birch Carrol & Coyle prices), and you get the comfort of your own car (if it is comfortable...).

I was surprised that they still had the old window speaker sort of things (you know the speaker you get from the place you park at and put on your window). We didn't go for that, but used the radio instead.

A really enjoyable night out.

Yesterday and today i am studying for my HIST2100 (History of modern china) exam. Its not going very good, because i'm pretty sure i've already passed the course, or only within a few marks of doing so. Knowing that you've passed the course before an exam doesn't really get you motivated to study for it.

Ah well, I guess i better get back to studying... 🙁

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