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Arsenal Win the FA Cup, Yet Again

Last night, for the fourth time in seven years, Arsenal won the FA Cup. It's almost becoming tedious with the ease at which they win it 😜. 14 times in total now, they should just rename it the 'Arsenal trophy' 😄

Once again, Arsenal were the underdogs, but once again they proved the odds and the pundits wrong.

They again defeated Chelsea, with the same 2-1 scoreline as 3 years ago. Other than the first 10 minutes, Arsenal were well worth the win. Nothing went right in the game for Chelsea. They lost three players to bad injuries, and conceded … Read more →

Arsenal Win the FA Cup, Again

Arsenal-FA-Cup-winners-2017For the third time in four years, Arsenal won the FA Cup last night!

Against the in-form and Premier League-winning Chelsea, I didn't expect them to do well, especially considering almost all of the regular Arsenal defenders were either injured or suspended. That, and we're talking about an Arsenal team that have been pretty abject for a lot of this season.

Instead, Arsenal dominated the game from start to finish, and the only thing that let them down was not making the most of the many, many chances that they had against a very off-looking Chelsea side, who looked like … Read more →

Arsenal Win Another Trophy!

Arsenal win the FA Cup 2015Well, well, well. After years of being made fun of for not winning anything, Arsenal won back-to-back FA Cup titles this morning.

After barely mentioning the Invincibles season back in the first year of this blog in 2004, I've since vowed to mention every Arsenal triumph.

It was a dominant, fully deserved win. The Alexis Sanchez goal was a cracker, right up there with the Parlour and Ljunberg goals from the 2002 final. It was definitely worth staying up for the late 2:30am kickoff.

ARSENAL!… Read more →

Belated World Cup 2014 Post

Germany win World Cup 2014My new Lego addiction has meant there hasn't been much time for blogging, but I am determined to catch up!

Firstly, a very belated post on the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

This year's World Cup was one of the best football tournaments I have had the pleasure of watching. Other than the (mostly) fantastically good match times for us down here in Australia, the football itself was also a joy to watch.

Not many teams had boring defensive strategies in mind, and nearly all seemed to want to have a crack at the opposition, regardless of stature. That made for … Read more →

Arsenal Win a Trophy & Futsal Return

Arsenal win the FA CupIt's been 9 long and painful years in the making, but Arsenal have finally won a trophy. The club has been the butt of jokes in the past few years, especially following the humiliating loss to lowly Birmingham in the relatively worthless League Cup final in 2011. Sites like with the accompanying hashtag of #sincearsenallastwonatrophy have long been used to taunt Arsenal fans.

After the FA Cup triumph last week (in horrifyingly Arsenal-esque fashion, might I add), those taunts and jibes have been reversed. The aforementioned hashtag is now a taunt to all of the other clubs whose seasons … Read more →

Why Football Will Never (properly) Take Off in Australia

Football On TVTime for my first rant of the year!

Football has come a long way in Australia. Not just Australia, but in other western countries where the game has not been traditionally popular (think USA, Canada, New Zealand, etc.), its popularity both in participation and attendance has largely been on the increase in the past couple of decades.

However, as much as it pains me to say it, football will never properly take off in Australia, or really in any westernised country where it isn't already entrenched. In my opinion there's one very simple and very significant reason why it won't: … Read more →

Euro 2012 Summary

Spain win Euro 2012This morning was the Euro 2012 final between Spain and Italy. Spain ended up winning it in a 4-0 rout after two early goals had given them the advantage, and the Italian manager took a huge gamble in using all his subs in the 55th minute with one of them going off injured not long after. It meant that Italy had to try to recover a two goal deficit with one man down against the best possession team on the planet.

It was never going to happen, and the Spanish just passed it around them, tired them out, and scored … Read more →

Goal-Line Technology

Ukraine disallowed goalEvery morning for the better part of the last two weeks I have been awake at insane hours watching the European Football Championships. The Euros are probably my favourite international football tournament, as in my opinion the quality of football is of a higher degree than even the World Cup can offer.

It's now at the end of the Group Stage for the tournament, and the ridiculous situation of determining whether the ball has crossed the goal-line has reared its stupid unnecessary head once again.

FIFA (the global governing Football body) and UEFA (the European governing body) have for years … Read more →

Iron Sky & Final Day of the EPL Season

Iron Sky posterLast night was a fairly eventful night. We started off by going to Southbank to see Iron Sky, which strangely enough, Des really wanted to see after hearing good things about it.

For the unaware, the premise is this: in 1945 Nazis went to the moon and set up a civilisation there to eventually come back and retake the Earth. It's a comedy, and whilst it dragged in portions, it was a very good laugh, but a lot of the jokes will probably only be understood by geek/nerd culture enthusiasts.

The special effects, including a pretty significant space battle, … Read more →

Moving In

Well we've finally done it: on Monday last week we began the process of moving into our house. The move has definitely been easier because we are moving the majority of our stuff from the house next door, but I really despise moving nevertheless. The intention is that we won't have to do this again for quite some time :).

The first few nights were a bit strange, but it really is already starting to feel like home. There is still a lot for us to do before everything will have settled down, but most of the important stuff is … Read more →