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1000 hits

It's kind of coincidental that this site has reached 1000 hits only a few days after the 1 year mark. Well, not really, because that 1000 hits is the site as and not of the free telstra webspace before. And of course the 1000 hits are not necessarily 1000 different people. (i'm pretty sure that most of them are probably Andrew!)

Anywho, I'm starting Uni next week. Tonight and tomorrow i've got work. I should really check my timetable again and make sure that nothing has changed. I did notice before that there is a clash between the second lecture of COMP2502 and the COMP3804 workshop, which is really weird. It's weird because both those courses are compulsory IT degree courses, and normally they tend to arrange those course so there iaren't clashes in the timetable. Ah well.

2 thoughts on “1000 hits”

  1. of course the hits are "not necessarily 1000 different people". that would be appalling, actually - it would mean that your site was so bad that people refused to visit it ever again. however, it _would_ mean that your advertising was fantastic, and that's obviously not the case 😛

    and most of them are not me. in fact, at one point i was going to '' from the address bar, simply to avoid the flash deal. now i'm doing no such thing - no need.

    so before you jump to conclusions, i'll slap you down 😛


  2. I was saying that just to let anyone not too familiar with the concept of hits on the internet from having incorrect views of how popular my site actually is.

    And it's good that the splash page is actually being put to use.


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