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Gallery finished

Well i've finally finished installing the Gallery. Therefore the photos page is gone, and any links to it should be broken.

In my typical about-face style i changed my mind on which PHP gallery i was going to use, and decided rather to go with DAlbum.

Right now there is only one album in the gallery because i don't have many pictures, but Andrew and Tim will be pleased to know that their photos are in there. I considered the possibility of allowing people to automatically post their own photos to the gallery, but decided against it because of various security and content related issues (plus i like having the power of screening anything coming into my site *insert evil laugh*). So as usual, if you want any photos up there, just email them to me.

I'm also finding it hard to believe that we are almost at the end of January. Usually by this time I am almost itching to go back to uni. But this year my not wanting to back to uni is still as strong as ever. I guess this site has kept me occupied.

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