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Jerked around

My group's COMP3804 demonstration is this coming week (along with everything else that is due). We had signed up to a demonstration time over 3 weeks ago, and yesterday the lecturer apparently called and said they've got a class on at that time and would we like to do it way earlier in the day or way later? And these are the people lecturing us on project and time management?

Even worse, for the exam we have coming up for the same subject, they expect us to do well after only giving us one tutorial question for each topic, and not even publishing solutions to them. Then after I email my concerns about being under-prepared for the exam, they reply saying that 'study the notes' and come to the last lecture which will be on preparing for the exam.

During this 'Exam preparation lecture', they not only told us where and when the exam was going to be (WOW!, publicly available information!!!) and how important it is to well on this exam (because our final grades for the year-long course are capped by our exam mark), then they showed us a total of 4 questions that would be typical to those on the exam, in which they only left up for a few minutes (not enough time to copy them down), and they won't publish them. On the last question when asked on how much it would be worth in terms of marks, they responded: not very many because it is a simple question. (Why show it to us then????!!!).

I would like them to sit an exam about subject that they have never done before, with the only preparation being one question for each topic without even a published solution, and see them do well!

I am so sick of this friggin course!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Jerked around”

  1. Can I suggest using the comp6801 newsgroup and publishing the questions you remember and asking others to post what they remember and also what they think a good solution would be. Don't fret, it sounds like you and your group are doing pretty well.

  2. Thanks. I'm just pissed off because they seem to be going out of they're way to see that students don't do well on this exam, for no good reason at all. I mean come on, what have they got to lose by posting tutorial solutions or even publishing the 4 questions they presented in the lecture? And what sucks even more is that if a lot of people don't do well on the exam they will have their grades capped as a result (assuming they haven't failed the course already as a result of the exam), and thus won't be motivated in a group to do well. (thus probably dragging other group members down as well at the end of the course)


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