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The Great Plastic Bag Shortage of 2004

Had an alright weekend. Spent most of it attempting to write out the rest of my HIST2606 essay. I've almost finished it: i've just got to finish of my conclusion and find some more primary sources to put into my argument. Not planning on toally finishing it soon though, as a plan to study for my INFS3200 exam that is in 2 weeks.

I've worked twice since my last blog entry. I worked last night and tonight. Tonight at work something happened that I never thought would happen at the supermarket that i work at: we ran out of plastic bags. Yes, we ran out of the normal sized plastic bags. I'm sure the expression on my face when my supervisor told me that we had no more boxes of the bags was quite humourous. All us checkout people had to resort to using the really small plastic bags for peoples groceries. This is more problematic than it sounds, as these bags do not fit into the bag rack thingies, which meant that we had to take each single small bag off, open it, and place the items into the bag on the counter. Thus it took about twice as long to load one single plastic bag. Have i mentioned that Moday night is also one of the busiest nights of the week? By the end of my four hour shift my arms were quite sore from all the small plastc bag opening and packing. The next load of bags are coming tomorrow.

I'm currently sitting the home computer waiting for my notes for tomorrow to print out.

Since i removed SP2 from my laptop from my computer recently, i decided to try out the Microsoft support system to see of they can resolve my difficulties. After a surprisingly quick reponse, i followed the dudes intructions which included using the Windows file checker and attempting to install the service pack in Safe Mode, but the bugs mentioned in the previous Blog entry was still present after the install. I then removed SP2 again, and emailed him back asking for further suggestions. The response to that took a while longer (at least a few days) and was not ver helpful: all he said was to leave Service Pack 2 installed while they help me work throught the issues. Well, that doesn't really help. I do not use my computer mostly for recreational use, and right in the middle of a semester i cannot afford to operate on an unstable system (hey, I am doing IT, and System Restore has saved my but a few times in the past).

Looking forward to another talk at Church tomorrow night. This ones going to be presented by Fr. Silouan (not sure if thats the correct spelling, i'm sure Andrew will correct me though).

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  1. yeah, it's correct. not using the surname is also correct (since monastics generally don't have one; if they do, it's the monasteries one - eg the abbot is Archimandrite Stephanos Pantanassiotis or something similar)



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