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America decides….

...and they got it wrong.

Today the results from the overnight U.S. presidential election started coming. Aside from it being a major distraction away from study, it was also interesting. I would label myself leaning toward the political right (not by a whole lot though) but in American politics I can't stand the Republican party, but even more so, I can't stand George Dubya Bush.

At the moment it seems that it is very close, with the state of Ohio being the deciding state of the entire election this time. There it is a close race with Bush about 120000 votes ahead, with the election 'too close to call' until the absentee and provisional votes get counted. If nearly all those votes are for Kerry he might win, but that's really unlikely.

So it looks like that for another four years of Dubya. The rest of the world's opinion of the intellectual capacity of America has probably dropped another few notches. At least we we'll have a lot to complain and make fun of. This probably is a blessing in disguise for the staunchly anti-Dubya film-maker, Michael Moore, because now he can make many more films criticising Dubya's administration.

Went to work tonight, and it was pretty crap. It was so darn busy, and added to that the registers get freezing up all the time. At one point it was happening every 2 mins: the register would just die and come back 30-or-so seconds later. When you've got a long line waiting you can understand the looks you get when you tell every second customer that the register has frozen and that they have to wait till it feels like working again.

I stumbled upon this a few weeks (or was it months...) ago that I found amusing:

7 thoughts on “America decides….”

  1. Bush is an even worse public speaker than Kerry though. Unless he has a script in front of him (or someone talking to him in an earpiece) probably would not even be able to talk!

  2. yes, but to a certain degree hitler was smart; a total madman bent on world domination yes, but a smart one. bush on the other hand is a COMPLETE MORON!!!

  3. kerry looks like frankenstein. and talks like you'd expect frankenstein to talk.
    and tbh, i prefer a stupid leader. just keep him with smart advisers who actually are good at their job and you're fine. it's not like the people can pick a decent leader; may as well have an idiot than a person who makes the country go backwards through ineptitude.

    boy i'm in a mood.



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