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COMP3804 Stage 3 Demonstration

I'm at uni and we have just done our COMP3804 Stage 3 Demo. So ends another Stage in this protracted torture of a subject. We did pretty good, but there was some unexpected bahaviour in printing out a report because they used a pdf printer program instead of a real printer. Won't go into the details but i'm pretty sure we got full marks.

I've also just submitted my COMP2502 Assignment 1. I got through it ok and am expecting some pretty good marks for it.

Yesterday was interesting. I planned to go to my 8am COMP2502 lecture, but i had to get up around half an hour earlier than usual because i didn't have the car and needed to catch the CityCat into uni. Waking up at 6 i wasn't in the mood to go so out of my way to attend another Kevin Gates special. So i splept for another 45mins and caught the CityCat into uni in time to go to my HIST2606 tutorial, in which i volunteered to present my essay plan. Went ok, i'm nit sure how the tutor marks but hopefully i got all 10% of the marks for that. In the following lecture for the same subject we got our marked essay plans back. I got 7/10%, but not really sure why, because the only (legible) comment on it was that including the Oxford English Dictionary as a source wasn't appropriate. Oh well, I seriously can't be bothered doing anything about that.

Later, during the INFS3200 tut, about half way through, the air-con vent above me suddenly sounded like it went into overdrive, and then a squarking sound went off, and the big 'evacuate' signs in the small lecture theatre started to light up. We all got our of there pretty quickly because it was in the Pharmacy building with all the chemicals and gasses. (on a side note, i remember a lecturer telling us that prior to the First World War, the guy who invented mustard gas actually developed it at the university. And thats who the building we were in was named after ( though he was pretty notble for doing other things as well))

I ended up staying at uni till about six yesterday 'helping' (i admit that i wasn't doing much) the programmers polish up the COMP3804 program.

I'm going to try to get most of my HIST2606 essay done over the weekend so i can start studying for the INFS3200 exam that is in 2 and a half weeks.

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