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Queen’s Birthday and Poor England

Today should have been the first day of the exam block, but instead it had to be the Queen's Birthday public holiday. My first exam is the dreaded COMP3804 tomorrow.

The Euro 2004 football tournament of course kicked off on the weekend, and last night was the first blockbuster match: France vs. England. Well the pommy's thought that on 90mins that they had won the game 1-0, an ealier missed David Beckham penalty now seemed irrelevant. With only 2 mins of stoppage time to play, France punch in 2 goals both by Zinedine Zidane (in my opinion the best player in the world). The second one being a penalty won by none other than Thierry Henry (in my opinion the best striker in the world, but being an Arsenal fan i'm slightly biased).

Poor, poor England.

Vive Le France!!

On another note, my sister finished her website for her company, which i am hosting on my site: It is an absolutely atrocious site created in Microsoft Publisher. My own site is not good design, but this publisher site is just terrible. Its coverted half of the text of the site into images and thats the least of it... Even a Frontpage template site would have been so much better than that. Nevertheless its still a good effort from a person who knows nothing about html.

2 thoughts on “Queen’s Birthday and Poor England”

  1. well thank you for just bagging my site! At least MY site has a PURPOSE!! I tried my best
    I better not say too much, seeing that my site is on your site... Good work! 😀

  2. Argh, watching that england france game gave me flash backs of when france beat Italy at the 2000 Euro's in a very similair manner. Stupid France!


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