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The site has landed

Well my site is now up. Took a long time because a lot of the urls i had were not in the proper case, which was fine on the telstra server, but not on this one. (i guess it serves me right for bagging them out in my intro). Add into the mess more crap, and, you get the drift.

More rocks came today for the landscaping, which had to be washed before putting them in place.

Today i also had a strange craving for a Red Rooster Strip Sub, which i promptly satisfied.

I think i'm probably staying up too late doing this stuff, but i seem to have no time anymore during normal people hours. Ah well.

6 thoughts on “The site has landed”

  1. ok... when i make an entry, it creates the entry on the day and time that i submit it. SO, this entry was created at 1:25 am, but i was writing about the day that i just had (9th), rather than the one that i hadn't lived yet...

  2. uh...1:25 is am, if memory of army time recalls. i also think that 12:05 would be a tad early...

    oh. btw. the ip address on the bottom of the message is really, really unsettling.

    in XC, a/s


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