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COMP2502 mark, INFS3200 exam solutions, COMP3804 presentation

A few days ago I got my COMP2502 assignment 1 (the assignment with timing algorithms etc.) mark back. I originally only got 77/100, which included the bonus 5% for handing it in early. I was majorly disappointed in this result (I only got 20/40 for the analysis). I was confident that i had answered everything required of me for the analysis and strongly felt that a bare pass for that section was not really deserving of the assignment. I weighed up whether to appeal the mark, as the assignment was only worth 15% of the course, and if i was successful and got the 30/40 for the analysis that i wanted, it would only have a 1.5% effect on the course grade.

In the end, i reasoned that i would need all the marks for the course as i can get before the 60% final exam (which i am dreading), and sent the course coordinator (none other than Dr. Kevin Gates) an email detailing my dissatisfaction. he emailed me back today, and i got the extra 10 marks for the analysis that i wanted. Thus i got 87/100 for the COMP2502 assignment 1.

Yesterday the INFS3200 was dedicated to showing us students the solutions for the exam that we sat on Tuesday. Judging from the solutions presented in that class, i should do pretty well.

This morning was also the first COMP3804 presentation, worth a whopping 3% of the final grade for the course. Myself and two others from our group did the presentation, and i thought that we did quite well. I'm pretty sure that we just squeezed in under the 10 minute time limit.

So next week is the mid-semester break, and i have along list of assessment items that i am planning to get through. these include in no particular order: gather more primary sources and finish the HIST2606 essay; do the COMP2502 assignment 2; Do conceptual design updates for COMP3804; and also the tutorials for the manual of COMP3804.

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  1. that was the most boringest blog i have ever read. Who wants to know the details of your uni life? Particularly all the stuff about your assignments and exams? I'm sure everyone else is already consumed in their own uni crap and doesnt want to read yours. I suggest you start writing more interesting things in your blog, even if it does mean making up stuff. In fact that would be quite interesting indeed. Unless of course you make up facts such as you originally got a 78/100 instead of a 77/100, which is probably something you would do to make your blog "more interesting".

    Good day to you sir

  2. my blog is where i put my crap. If you don't like my crap, don't read it. (i'm not tying you to a chair and making you read it)

    'Who wants to know the details of your uni life?': A blog is where you put the details of your life and want you are thinking.

    Point me to your blog and i'll critique it.

    Didn't think so. :p

  3. ...aside from that, of course, it _is_ advertised as "The thoughts, opinions, and just plain ramblings of a seemingly boring person". according to your post, no false advertising there.

  4. hey, i also just remembered the disclaimer that has always been at the bottom of this blog:

    Disclaimer: All entries seen here reflect the author's (mostly made up on-the-spot, and not thought out) opinions.
    No responsibility is taken by the author for any boredom caused by the reading of this blog

    So don't complain how boring this blog is. You have been warned.


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