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Gysdintu: The Uni Monster

I've updated my site, most notably with a new intro featuring Gysdintu the Uni Monster. Inspired by Trogdor (from, i decided i would come up with something original for my new intro.

As i mentioned on the homepage, congrats to anyone who can figure out where i got the name 'Gysdintu' from. (post your guesses here if you want)

As the intro explains, uni has just started, and thus i won't be able to update the site as often as i would like. Although this blog should still be continued to be filled with the usual garbage because it is easy to update etc.

It's so depressing. First of all starting uni again, and also me being in my fourth year i am starting to look old compared to all the fresh newbies.

I also started Greek lessons last night. I've been wanting to learn the language for some time, but never really gotten around to it until now.

On Sunday night i went to see The Passion of the Christ at Southbank, arrived ten minutes early, but it was sold out. I'll have to go see it at a less busy time.

6 thoughts on “Gysdintu: The Uni Monster”

  1. Well done! If you missed it, the correct answer was of course:

    Gysdintu = Studying

    Because, isn't that the true uni monster? Uni really isn't that bad without the study. But i guess without it there wouldn't be much point of uni....


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