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XP Service Pack 2

Service pack 2 for Windows XP has just been released. Microsoft are only releasing this one via their Windows Update site and are not allowing anyone to mirror the service pack. My brother got it a few days ago, and me just now. I can just imagine the stress that the Microsoft servers will be undergoing throughout the next few weeks.

I've just finished the install, which took a lot longer than i expected and took me away from some valuable time i could have spent on uni stuff. The main new thing is this "Security Center" which manages the Windows Firewall and Automatic Updates. This is basically useless for me since I don't use the XP Firewall becuase I have Norton IS, and the warnings that i don't have automatic updates turned on annoys me a bit as well (i haveit set to notify me before every download and install). Other changes include some attempt at idiot-proofing IE, with more threatening warnings with pretty pictures of a shield every time to try to download or install a program or plugin. Anywho, hopefully that fault in the indexing service that kept erratically maxing out my processor will stop now, (they said the hotfix would be in the next service pack).

Today at uni, in the History of Warfare lecture, it was on Ancient Indian warfare. The guest lecturer was Dr. Sarva Daman Singh, a retired Professor from UQ who came out of retirement to give us the lecture. He had one of those half-Indian/half-pompous British accents which i found quite intriguing. I also handed in my Essay Outline for the same subject.

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