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Buggery Busy

I have been very very busy and hence this is my first entry in quite a while. So many things to say!!

First of all, in the past week it was Despina's birthday. We threw a surprise dinner for her after Church on Saturday night. A few photos are now in the gallery, as well as some photos of some ducks that have been hovering around our pool the past few days.

I have been so busy with uni especially this last week, it is almost a crime to be doing so much study only in week 3.

Today i went to the Fryer Library (the library at UQ where they keep all the special material items etc). I am researching an essay i have to write about public excecutions in London in the 18th century. The reason i went to the Fryer library is that they have an original book printed sometime in the 1700s that records cases of prisoners at old London's Newgate prison and some details of executions. It was absolutely marvelous!! The cover was missing and all the pages are yellow and worn (they tend to get like that after 300 years). I had to handle the book with gloves (understandably!) and the old binding was barely holding the pages of it together. It blew me away reading an original book printed even before Australia was colonised. About the subject, they seemed to hang people for almost anything back in those times!! eg small robberies, even bigamy! Hand-written inside the back cover there is even a intriguing note from one James Brooke to a Mr. Goldwyn dated 12 December 1736 that i could barely read becuase the handwriting was so cursive. Absolutely amazing stuff. I wasn't allowed to photocopy the old thing because bending the thing over a copier would probably tear the thing to shreds, and if you're wondering i didn't tear a single page while looking at it.

Even more busy times ahead with the semester really moving into gear.

3 thoughts on “Buggery Busy”

  1. yay for the photos! they look really cool, man.

    you should get one of those cool phones that can take photo's. don't try to do research off it, just have it as a cool piece of clipart. (y)

    good luck with the rest of semester, man. (y)/*thumbs up*


  2. btw, does it surprise you that people were hanged left, right and centre? england's a small country! they needed room, and they hadn't invented high-rises yet!



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