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Windows 3.1 & Summer is coming

I was in Myer at Loganholme the other day (Thursday, i think), just browsing through the book department. In the "Computer" (using the "" loosely) section, my eyes wandered to a book entitled: The Complete Book on Windows 3.1. I first thought that the book was some kind of joke. I then picked it up, and it was the real deal. My second thought was that they must be trying to get rid of it for like 20c or something: nope they were selling this book at a hefty price of $20.30.

I looked through this book, which must have been sitting on that shelf for some time, and got time-warped back to the day of our old 486 with Windows 3.1. That would've been like 10 or 12 years ago. I'm still astonished that they are actually trying to sell that book! I mean, who uses Windows 3.1 any more?? Or even Windows 95 for that matter? Crazy stuff.

Driving to uni today, on Coronation Drive some guys had climbed a tree with a big sign protesting against Howard's recent release of the Coalition's Tasmanian forestry policy. There was the usual assortment of cops standing round trying to talk the guys down.

Had busy past few days again. My COMP3804 group finished off the last of the documentation ahead of our majorly huge final demonstration next Friday. Today was another day in the life of the joke of COMP2502. What a badly taught course. it' got to be one of the worst courses i've ever done at uni, and definitely the one i've had most trouble trying to follow and understand.

I'm sure everyone here has noticed the increase in temperature over the last few weeks. Today reached 32C. man I hate the heat. Summer is well and truly almost here. Probably my least favourite time of year (in terms of climate).

3 thoughts on “Windows 3.1 & Summer is coming”

  1. both windows' usually get used by people with spare computers. like mine upstairs (which is, iirc, win98). but said people know enough, usually, to write one of those books. about dos.

    heh, yesterday it was 33c where i was (city). to tell the truth, i didn't notice it. no, really. the person i was with, however, was _quite_ unimpressed.


  2. haha
    well, admittedly, it felt hot. but i get into the shade and i'm fine.
    i can't comprehend how anyone cannot notice 20c temperature, so we're probably even 😛


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