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Walkathon Weekend

I had a very busy, very hectic, weekend. On Saturday I started fully writing m HIST2606 essay, I want to get it out of the way quickly. Saturday night I ended up going down to the Gold Coast to attend the wedding reception of a woman that i have only met once before. I ended up getting home probably just after midnight.

Sunday was of course the Walkathon. For those that don't know, I have been on the organising committee for the Walkathon since its inception in 2000. This year was the 5th Annual Youth and Charity Walkathon, and we have been organising this year's one for the past 5 or so months. The weather on the day was absolutely fantastic, pretty hot for a mid-August day.

Getting to Church at 7am to start setting things up was a bit of a challenge though. I enjoyed the day, but the turn-out wasn't quite what i was hoping for. Many things happened and ended up that not as many people came that we were expecting. Many thanks to all that helped out and came.

As promised, the photos that i took on the day are now in the gallery. There aren't any photos from the walk itself because Despina and I were doing marshalling and were to busy making sure people didn't get run over to take photos.

Today I continued doing my essay before going to work at 3pm. Funny enough, one of the customers at work actally came to the walkathon yesterday! And he wasn't even Greek, never seen him before in my life. Aparently he came with one of the Russians that did the Orthodox RE program at State High which came. Good to see.

Well I am very tired and will be going to sleep right away. Hope you enjoy the Photos.

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