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7 in a row

Just realised that I have blogged on each of the past 6 days. It's been a while since i've been so prolific blogging, so I thought i would make it a round 7 by doing another entry today, although I do not have much to talk about.

It seems that I am in holiday mode already (hence the extra time to do a lot of blog entries). This is the usual case with uni, as after i finish my last assignment I tend to slack off before exams. My excuse this time is that i've deserved a little time off and that i'll (hopefully) start my hardcore study in swotvac.

A little while ago I watched Bruce Almighty on DVD. Although probably bordering on blasphemous for the religiously hardline, there were some lines that profoundly hit home:
One that comes to mind is when Bruce (with all of God's powers) talking to God after his break-up with his girlfriend, asks God: "How do you make somebody love you without affecting free will?"
To which God replies: "Welcome to my world, son. If you come up with an answer to that one, let me know."

4 thoughts on “7 in a row”

  1. Seeing as Lucas gets to blog all day about nothing remotely interesting that ever happens to him (and people actually read this drivel), I'll blog about my day.


    9.02am. Got up after a wonderful dream. I was in a magical place with fairies and mermaids that were giving me?whoops I?ve said too much.

    9.04am. Went to the toilet. That curry and cheese I had for dinner did not sit well. PS. I saw colours I have never seen before.

    9.35am. Went to Uni. Those lecture seats are really itchy. Especially when you forget to wear pants.

    11.57am. Lunch time. Ate some pie I bought from a homeless guy. Tasted like chicken.

    1.35pm. Cited a UFO with Elvis flying it. What are the odds??

    2.10pm. Scratched my ass. That was a good scratch. But I really must do something about those hemaroids.

    3.32pm. Came home ate some baking soda, had a shower and took a nap?wait a minute this isn?t my house. I thought there was another person in the shower with me.

    4.17pm. Took the dog for a walk but came home with a cat. I named it Mittens.

    6.11pm. Ate the TV and watched dinner. I always get those two mixed up.

    9.55pm. Went to bed but woke up on a bus. That?s the last time go to sleep at a bus stop.

  2. riiight...

    I'll let you get away with that one, but if you want a blog, make your own!

    There are plenty of free hosted ones out there: LiveJournal and Blogger come to mind


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