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2006: Year In Review

It's that time of year again kids! To the unitiated, this is the entry where I review my year and pick out the highlights of my own blog entries.

I said in last year's review that 2005 was a year of many 'lasts', and as predicted in my New Year's entry this year, 2006 has definitely been a year of many 'firsts'. Marriage and moving out are the big ones, but there are other highlights. Enjoy.


- New Years: The start of the year, most notable for my awesome New Year's resolution
- 300 Entries!: A notable event in the history of this blog.

Nothing much else in January probably because we were planning a wedding...


- Buck's & Birthday: My buck's night combined with my birthday.
- The week ahead: One week prior to our wedding.
- The Night Before: The night before our wedding.
- Just Married!: Our Wedding!


- Honeymoon entry: Summary of our honeymoon (with pictures!).
- Computer Happy, not Happy Samsung: Geekery, and the start of a small battle with my phone's manufacturer.


- The Blog Reloaded: Blog v2.0: The blog script undergoing a renovation
- Easter 2006: Always a highlight.


- Owies! & and Highbury Farewell: The last game at Highbury and more of my football injuries
- News: Football, Sketchups & Budgets: I like this entry: it has lots of substance, hehe
- Heartbroken: Arsenal Lose CL Final: Not to be melodramatic or anything, but this would have to be the worst day of my entire year
- Action Packed Weekend: Medical emergencies, poker, geekness!
- Changing Avatars: The new picture of my online persona, in very eloquent language.
- Ranting! English, Farewells, & @#!$* IE & HTML: One of the first really opinionated entries of the year. Full of ranty goodness.


- Samsung's Reply & USB Drives: The end of my phone saga.
- Football Victory!: Football centred entry.
- Smokin' New External Hard-Drive: Literally!
- Robbed: Australia Out of the World Cup & Futurama Revived!: Both super news-worthy articles.


- Prayer Ropes & Lightsabers (Edit 1): Don't know why this is a highlight, but it is.
- World Cup Wrap: Not the Result I Wanted: The end of the World Cup, a crappy one at that.
- Football Venting: One of my first major run-ins with a referee.
- Water Recycling Paranoia: A nice rant. Stay tuned for my next one on how dumb it is that Brisbane is now having a referendum on this in March.


- Blogging & Drained: Some nice musings on blogging.
- Frustrating Football & Grossness: Me squealing like a little girl, how can that not be highlight?
- Weird Al!!! & MySpace: Mainly a highlight because of my little rant on how crap MySpace is.


- Favourite TV Shows & Downtime: A listing of some of my favourite TV shows of all time.
- I Love This City & Dentist: Why I love this city.
- Wedding Weekend & Fantastic Comeback: My sister's wedding and a fantastic game of indoor.
- Religious Sensitivity: A nice rant.


- My Opinion on Ebay: Another nice rant.
- How I got into IT: A nice autobiographical piece.
- Mini-Redesign: Wow, this site actually looks half-good!
- Traffic Chaos: I don't think i'll be forgetting that traffic for a while.
- Why Do I Bother?! & Sunglass Dilemmas: More Arsenal frustration, and getting sunglasses.
- Ads: Yes, this site had ads (for a brief period).


- The entire month of November, mainly due to me undertaking NaBloPoMo, in which I blogged every day for the entire month.

But if I had to pick a few highlights, here they are:
- Sunglass and Zip Capers: A very embarrassing experience.
- Sunglasses Finally Arrive: Me finally receiving my new sunglasses.
- Air Hockey Master & Hot: I OWN air hockey.
- Statistics: Surprising effects of NaBloPoMo.
- End of NaBloPoMo & Orange Sky: Meteorologically weird.


- Almost Accident: Scary.
- Wii Saga Part 1: Wiisisting Temptation: Resisting not to get one.
- Casino Royale Impressions: My rant on the new Bond film.
- Wii Saga Part 2: Fighting the Urge to Wii: N64 Resurrected: Really trying to resist getting one.
- Wii Saga Part 3: I Wiid Myself: I got one.
- My Own "The Streak": Vomit free since '99!

So ends the third year of this blog. Stay tuned in the new year as we celebrate the 3rd anniversary of this blog with some previously unreleased material.

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