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Robbed: Australia Out of the World Cup & Futurama Revived!

It was the cruellest of circumstances, in the last few seconds of the game Italy were awarded a very dubious penalty after Australia had completely dominated the second half.

Firstly, i'm going to lay it all on the table: even before this game I have never liked Italian football. Not one bit. I hate their style of play, they always go for one goal and then just defend like crazy, choking life out of any game they play in; their league is a joke (just do a news search now on the 'Serie A' to see what I mean); and most of they're players are probably also members of the Screen Actors Guild.

Nevertheless they beat Australia. I won't say much on it except a few things: truthfully, in my opinion the penalty was a 50-50 call, and although the Italian player was totally looking to go down, I half understand the ref calling it. There were other calls (like the Italian sending off) that I thought were also 50-50 and went Australia's way.

Australia wasted their almost total possession in the second half. For all the possession they had, they only created a few half-chances, nothing troubling the Italian keeper all that much, and credit should go to the Italians for some great defending.

I know this will surprise many considering my recent entries, but Australia really needed someone like Harry Kewel on the pitch to be delivering deadly accurate crosses from the wings, which never really happened during the match.

There, off my chest.

Futurama TitleIn other breaking news, Futurama will be rising from the dead! w00t!!!!!! Comedy Central will be resurrecting the series and will feature at least 13 new episodes, see this Reuters article. I've got all the seasons on DVD, and this is massive news for all Futurama fans.

Sleep now, Spain vs France at 5am tomorrow. I really don't know who I want to win, i like both teams and both have a few Arsenal players in them.

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  1. Wow! A comment! I had thought nobody was reading anymore... 😉

    I guess this is what happens when Andrew goes away... 🙂

    Thanks for letting me know.


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